Stories That Inspire

As a recent MD graduate and after experiencing the real world of medicine I discovered a vast number of people suffering from chronic painful diseases that cannot be cured, are lifestyle changing, and where available treatments regularly do not represent an improvement in the symptoms.

After spending over a year in a remote mayan area of the Yucatan peninsula working with underserved communities, I realized that traditionally humans have looked for alternatives coming from natural plants, and prefer them even when being offered allopathic solutions.

Thanks to available current technology, components from plants can be isolated to take advantage of their individual properties, Which is the case with CBD oil (cannabidiol), numerous scientific studies have shown improvements in many conditions and general well being. These new CBD oil products have attracted the interest of the general public and resulted in a proliferation of different brands, concentrations and a great variance in quality.This proliferation prompted a need for a product that could be trusted, that carried high standards and could propitiate an affordable, well established, secure source. Crystal Pure CBD+ is this standard, created with the best technology on the market ensuring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved, making it a full spectrum hemp extract. the source of our cannabidiol comes from plants organically growth in Colorado soil, making it a product proudly developed in the USA.