In recent years, CBD products have become a popular remedy to fight an array of ailments. With the rise in the popularity of CBD use, we have witnessed dozens of CBD products in the market. Among all the products, CBD isolate has gained the most popularity among consumers.

If you have been studying about CBD oil for a considerable amount of time, you already know what does CBD isolate mean. As the name suggests, CBD isolate is an isolated form of CBD which is completely separated from all the other compounds found in the cannabis plant.

It means CBD isolate doesn’t contain THC, waxes, and even other oils. Since there are no additional compounds, CBD isolate is considered as the purest form of CBD. Even though there are other pure CBD oil compounds in the market, CBD isolate is considered as the purest form of CBD oil. In fact, CBD isolate contains 99+% pure CBD.

CBD isolate is basically a crystalline powder that is extracted from the hemp plant. However, during the extraction process, it is separated from all the other compounds found in the plant.

Being the purest CBD form, CBD isolate can benefit your health in many ways. In order to make you understand more precisely, we have designed a detailed guide on everything you should know about CBD isolate.

How CBD Isolate is Extracted?

Like any other CBD compound, CBD isolate is made through a regular extraction process. It doesn’t matter which extraction process is being utilized, CBD isolate is extracted the same way as other CBD products.

However, in this case, there’s an additional extraction process, certainly more complex the first extraction phase, that completely removes all the other plan impurities from CBD oil. Keep in mind that after the first extraction process is completed, CBD oil still has a couple of compounds and the extracted product is known as ‘full-spectrum hemp oil’.

Basically, full-spectrum hemp oil isn’t the purest form and that’s why it is necessary to make it pass through a second extraction process for complete purification. In this phase, the extraction process is more complex so that the final product doesn’t contain any plant impurities at all.

Once the second extraction process is completed, the extracted product is made to pass through a final filtration process known as “winterization”. This is a process where the product is basically washed with alcohol and froze. This process CBD from all the minor residuals, resulting in a crystalline product, known as CBD isolate.

CBD Isolate is THC Free

The reason why CBD isolate has become a popular choice is that it is a pure CBD oil form. It means that it doesn’t contain even a small trace of THC. Now, while some people may assume ‘full-spectrum CBD oil’ is also THC-free, that’s not the truth.

Even full spectrum oil contains a little amount of THC. As long as the THC percentage is below 0.3%, it is allowed to be sold in the market. However, that’s not the case with CBD isolate. It contains zero traces of THC and is completely safe to use.

Since the purification process is so complex, it is ensured that CBD isolate doesn’t contain any additional residual at all. And, since there’s no THC, CBD isolate won’t make you feel high at all.

Different Ways to Consume CBD Isolate

CBD isolate can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. Some of these consumption methods include:

Place it In Your Mouth

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to consume CBD oil is to directly place it in your mouth and wait for it to dissolve. It takes only a couple of seconds for the CBD crystal to completely dissolve in your mouth. While some people may find it hard to believe, but placing CBD isolate or pure CBD oil is completely safe. And, the cherry-on-top is that CBD isolate is completely tasteless, which means it can be consumed without any hassle.

Put it Into a Beverage

If you are planning to consume CBD isolate on a daily basis, adding it into your beverages is the most convenient way to consume it. Whether you’re a coffee person or a tea addict, you can simply put a small amount of CBD isolate into any beverage you want. In fact, you can even add CBD isolate to juices and drinks as well.

Add CBD to Your Meals

If you are a cooking enthusiast and love cooking new meals, adding CBD isolate to your daily cuisines is the most suitable way to take it. However, in this case, it is important to measure the amount of CBD isolate that you should add to the meals as too much CBD isolate is never a good option.

Bake CBD Sweeteners

Speaking of cooking meals, CBD isolate can also be used to make sweeteners and other desserts. Whether you love to have waffles in the morning or a French toast, adding CBD isolate will allow you to consume it without any hassle.

These are a few of the most common ways to consume CBD isolate on a daily basis.

Wrapping Things Up

If you’re looking for the purest CBD form, CBD isolate is your answer. Having 99% pure CBD, it will give you the best health benefits, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle. And since CBD isolate is completely tasteless and odorless, it doesn’t give the bitter taste like other pure CBD oil products.