If you have been suffering from Sciatica, you must know how difficult it is to go through the pain that occurs in the lower back, hip, and legs.

The situation can even get worse if you do not take proper steps to improve it.

For some patients, painkillers and at-home remedies may provide relief from sciatica pain.

But some cases are more severe in which you’ll have to take proper medication, Steroids, and multiple types of painkillers that are prescribed by the doctors.

The people who are suffering from Sciatica pain have raised a new question in recent years:

Is CBD oil good for Sciatica pain?

In today’s guide, we will have a closer look at sciatica and will understand its common treatments and how CBD oil is helpful for Sciatica patients.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a pain that transmits along the path of the Sciatic nerve.

It begins in your lower back and spreads all along your hips, buttocks, and legs.

Sciatica has few root causes; it can be generated by a herniated disc, a bone spur in the spine, or due to narrowing of the spine that compresses the sciatic nerve.

When your nerve is compressed by any of the causes that are mentioned above, it generates pain, numbness, and inflammation.

Sciatica pain always affects one side of the body, the pain radiates from the lower back down through the back of the leg and can extend all the way to the calf.

The pain can be mild as ache and sometimes it can be worst as sharp and burning.

Though anybody can suffer from sciatica pain at any time, several risk factors can increase your chances of experiencing this painful condition.

These factors include obesity, diabetes, advanced age and if you are in a profession that includes weight lifting, twisting and prolonged periods of sitting.

Various Treatments of Sciatica Pain

In some of the cases, people who are suffering from Sciatica pain resolve their pain through medication and other non-operative ways.

Here are a few methods through which you can have relief if you are suffering from Sciatica pain:

Ice and Heat

In the early phases, you can cure sciatica pain by using a hot and cold compress that is really helpful in providing immediate relief from it.


If the pain is not severe you can use anti-inflammatory drugs as they will be enough to alleviate sciatica pain.

But if you are suffering from acute pain, it is always recommended to use narcotics, anti-seizure medications.

These medications are highly effective but the only concern is; that the patients are afraid to use the prescription painkillers due to their habit-forming nature.


In severe cases, when you are suffering from leg weakness and problems related to bladder concerns, surgery may be required to remove a herniated disc, a bone spur that is affecting the sciatic nerve.

Why CBD oil is used for Sciatica Pain?

It is true that many people are being able to manage their Sciatica pain through normal treatments.

However, the normal treatments do contain painkillers, steroid injection which is definitely a thing to worry as they can have a lot of side effects.

In response to these concerns of the people, CBD oil for Pain by CBD Labs Corp is very effective in managing the pain and inflammation associated with it.

Pain and CBD Oil

CBD has the ability to alleviate pain.

It has been discovered that the cannabinoids in CBD trigger the receptors that are found within the endocannabinoid system that helps in regulating the pain.

The scientists have discovered in recent times that CBD has shown promising results as a treatment for neuropathic pain or inflammatory. It is also effective in treating a wide variety of chronic pain conditions.

It has been revealed that CBD can actually work synergistically to make opioids more effective, reducing the required dosage along with the risk of side effects for the sciatica patients who require prescription pain relief.

How to use pure CBD oil for Sciatica pain?

If you are planning to reduce your sciatica pain with medical CBD oil, you have a lot of options.

There are some people who like to use topical CBD creams that can be directly applied to the affected areas of discomfort in the lower back and legs.

Many CBD oil creams are mixed with other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, to provide additional relief.

However, if you feel that CBD topical doesn’t meet your needs, you have other options too.

You can also choose to vape CBD, take it in the form of a tincture that you can place under your tongue or you can even ingest it in the form of capsules or gummies.

If you choose one of these methods, it might become easy for you to know the exact serving size of CBD for sciatica.

Accurate CBD servings vary from person to person. In most of the cases, it is best if you start with a low serving size and increase it at the time you feel relief from the sciatica pain.

For intense pain, you can take 10-20mg per day, as it can be a good starting point for most of the adults.

You can also try a ratio of 1 to 6mg per 10 pounds of body weight, or follow the suggested serving size included on the packaging of most of the commercially available products.


It is always better to start with the CBD products if you are facing conditions like Sciatica pain.

CBD oil is extremely beneficial for people who are scared of the side effects by using the medication that is prescribed by the doctors.

A proper method needs to be followed while consuming anything related to CBD, though.

As CBD doses vary from a person to person, the main thing that should be kept in the mind is to, always start with a smaller dose and later on increase the dose as per the body requirements.

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