People these days are quite concerned about their health and are taking many precautions to maintain their health. Some people even go to gyms to maintain a healthy body while others join Yoga classes to maintain their weight and look healthy. 

There is no doubt that Yoga is one of the most beneficial things one can opt for if one wants to be physically fit. Yoga helps you in keeping your mind and body balanced. Many Yoga practices are considered to enhance the purity of blood, mind, and spirit. It is always very important to be selective when it comes to deciding what you should and should not eat. 

It is also worth noting that Yoga can prove to be extremely beneficial when coupled with CBD oil. People are consuming CBD oil while performing Yoga to achieve better results. 

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to “unite” or to be made “whole”.  Just like cannabis, it helps in liberating the mind from worry and fear. Yoga is the ultimate liberation that allows us to unite with the limitless potential we all contain. As we all know in Yoga is the first and the foremost thing that we all do. It helps in gaining energy through pranayama (breathwork) and asana (postures). It is wildly beneficial for our mind, soul and body. It also helps in relaxation while building strength and give us more inspiration to live mindfully in our daily lives.

Why CBD and Yoga make the Perfect Combination?

Yoga has been very popular in western countries over the past couple of decades. As the people are very amazed by the results they get by doing Yoga as it helps the people in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Now if we talk about CBD it is an amazing compliment to Yoga. The cannabinoid has been termed as very effective on our endocannabinoid system, which helps in promoting the calm mind and bring balance to the body.

What happens with the two are combined together?

While CBD won’t get you high, it is very helpful for you in relaxing your whole body. Combine it with a gentle Yoga routine that influences you to do the same, and by this, you have something that has the potential to make you feel really – really good. CBD can help you in supporting healthy joints and muscles just the way Yoga helps in maintaining all the pain of your body.  Moreover, both CBD and Yoga can help you recover after a workout.

Yoga and CBD have been used for ages

It is not a myth but people are using both of them for ages and believed that it will bring people closer to enlightenment. Yogis in India have been using hemp as part of their practice for thousands of years. The hemp plant has a lot of importance in Hinduism as it is closely related to the lord Shiva a god of creation, destruction, and Yoga. It is believed that the injured lord Shiva has once stumbled upon the plant and after the consumption of the leaves he was rehabilitated. Isn’t it amazing?

Ganja Yoga

What is it about CBD and Yoga that makes it so spiritual? The endocannabinoid system is a unique communication structure between the body and brain that makes a huge impact on how you feel, move, and react. The ECS affects both our central and peripheral nervous systems.

The CBD not only affects the state of mind by producing a release of dopamine- the natural “happy” chemical- but it also affects your response to physical stimulus. Cannabis and Yoga have been friends for a very long time. In fact, the combination of these two has been practiced for centuries. 

Peripheral nerves for pain detection contains a lot of cannabinoid receptors. And once the cannabinoids are attached to those receptors, they block the pain signals from reaching the brain. With a wide range of possible effects, it’s very easy to see CBD earned its connection with the spirit of the realm. 

Yoga is practiced with the motive to relax the brain, but sometimes it becomes very difficult for the people in relaxing their minds as there are thousands of thoughts that keep coming in the minds of the people. 

But, on the other hand, if we consume CBD along with the practice of Yoga, we can feel relaxed as CBD helps in relaxing our minds and reduces the tension and helps us in focusing on timeless energy that connects your body to the rest of the universe. The combining of these two just makes it easier for external thoughts to melt away. 

How to Consume CBD Along With Yoga?

So how can we combine Yoga along with CBD? Before starting up with the Yoga we would suggest you to use warm vibes and apply a CBD elixir to your temples and slowly breathe in healing mix of plants and flowers. 

Along with all this, there are many other herbs that have been in use for centuries to aid in healing and meditation. The boosting of the innate properties can be done through the hemp plant by including these herbs. Yoga is one of the most important activities as it helps people for physical and spiritual ailments, and that is why it is so great. The combining of Yoga along with the products that use natural, rejuvenating CBD, it helps in balancing, and harmony, but mostly just happiness. 

Bringing CBD onto the Mat

The favorite Yoga practices are done in order to keep oneself free from all the anxieties and pain and to maintain calm and relaxation in one’s mind. It is the discovery of many yogis that CBD products and asana practice go together like bolsters and Yoga blankets. These are the two great ideas that are wonderful alone but are dynamite together. CBD won’t make you high and on the other hand, it is entirely safe and acceptable to use it during the Yoga practices or any other regular activities. 

There are various benefits of using CBD


  • Increased mood
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from pain and anexiety
  • Relief from overthinking
  • Decreased from inflammation.


CBD oil for Pain help a lot in reducing various types of pain in the body. CBD has helped a lot to the people who are living in abroad as they can see and feel the changed in their body by consuming the CBD in their diet as well as by applying CBD cream and lotions to get relief from the pain in the joints. No doubt it is good for our body but it is important for us to consult the doctors before consuming anything that has CBD in it. Because the consumption of CBD should be taken according to as it can be dangerous if not taken properly. 

If we talk about Yoga, yes it is good for us in many ways as it helps us in maintaining the body and helps in relaxing our minds. One should know the various types of asanas and how they will benefit you in keeping your body active. The usage of CBD along with the Yoga is quite beneficial as they both help in keeping the mind and body relax and it also helps in reducing the pain that occurs in the body due to many reasons. 

CBD and Yoga can be a harmonious combination it helps you in the right mindset to practice and to meditate, to help heal your sore muscles from many yogi pushups and this is where CBD may be your new trusty go-to. 

Finding your Savasana

It is very easy for some people to be in a meditative state naturally, whereas it is very difficult for other people to even sit still. One can understand the importance of meditation as it is a part of any Yoga practice. 

So if you have any problems with turning off the racing thoughts of your mind the CBD can help you as it can slow you down and it helps you enjoy some calmer vibes. If you are suffering from any problem like depression, brain fog, anxiety CBD can be beneficial for you.

Get into the flow

Sometimes it is very difficult to focus on the meditation and in a class of one hour if it is taking half an hour for you to concentrate then it will be a huge drawback. CBD can help you out as it can clear your head and let go of stress so you will be ready to flow faster. And once you are in your class you can feel more focused and relaxed.

Work out any Pains and Aches from yesterday’s practice

CBD can help your body in many ways. If you are coming on your Yoga mat with the enduring tightness or tension from your previous practice or workout, CBD can help you loosen up fasten. CBD can help you get rid of various types of muscle or body pain so that you can start to bend and move comfortably which will help you in relaxing your body.

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